Steel Sculptures, Metal Sculptures by Dennis W. Bernhardt

Artists Statement...

As I stare into the flames, my mind is visualizing the expressions of the molten metal, which will be created with blows from my hammer.

The transformation from flat sheets of steel to a sculpture are brought to life in an inferno of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.
- Dennis W. Bernhardt

About Dennis...

I was born and raised in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn, New York. In my career before moving to Florida I worked with metal shaping, welding, and designing for a major corporation in New York. Attending a school for blacksmiths at Peters Valley Craft Education Center in northwestern New Jersey brought out additional forms and expressions in my work. I now reside in St. Augustine, Florida where I am a practicing sculptor-blacksmith.

With 32 years of experience working with steel, I have found the best creative way of forming steel is to heat it on a coal-fired forge and then hammer the steel by hand.

All my sculptures are one of a kind and are not cast. An idea will come to my mind, I will think about the size and weight of it, the expression on the face or the free flowing plant leaf of a fern. Forming these sculptures with a different weight of each hammer blow can bring about the texture, softness and life-like appearance of each finished piece... complete story

"Staghorn Fern"
66" height x 44" length x 36" width
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